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If you have a question that is not answered below, please email info@iphdindia.com.

How will I help the community through an internship or volunteerism with IPHD?

IPHD interns and volunteers employ their skills and expertise to contribute to many areas of community development, including finance, health and education. Our model focuses on working with the community to plan intern projects that creates sustainable, long-term change.

Past intern projects have included: planting the Community Kitchen Garden, delivering the Menstrual Hygiene Project workshop, developing a financial literacy training program with the Microenterprise Project, training the health outreach team for the Health Literacy Project, setting up the Saheli Health Clinic, starting the Saheli Community Center Library, training education advocates and school teachers for the Girls’ Education Program and running workshops for the Youth Feminism Project and the Human Rights Project.

How will an internship or volunteerism with IPHD benefit me?

Despite India’s rapidly growing economy, the country faces significant challenges when it comes to delivering development and opportunities to rural communities. An internship with IPHD gives you the chance to be a part of community development on the ground level and contribute to real change. By working in our adopted village, you will learn research, training and advocacy skills that cannot be learned in a classroom or office.

What is the program fee?

Click here for our program fee and to see what is included in the cost. 

When can I apply?

Internship applications and volunteer applications are accepted on a rolling, year-round basis. New interns and volunteers begin the first week of every month. 

What is the application process?

Click here to apply for a program with IPHD, either volunteerism or internship. After reviewing your application, an IPHD staff member will contact you within three to five business days to schedule an interview over Skype to tell you more about the program, answer any questions and assess your suitability for a position with us.

Do I need to speak Hindi?

Although speaking Hindi is a great advantage, it is not required. You will receive basic Hindi language classes during your program and many people speak English in Jodhpur. In the village, an IPHD staff member will act as a translator to facilitate your program tasks and project implementations.

How long will my program last?

All interns must commit to staying for at least six weeks. You may stay as long as you like, though most internships last between two and six months. All professional volunteers must commit to staying for at least one month and may stay up to one year. Your program can occur any time of the year. 

What will my working hours be?

The working day at IPHD varies greatly. Generally, interns and volunteers work from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday, with a combination of office work in Jodhpur and field work in the village. However, interns receive days off for Indian holidays (which occur frequently) and can request a couple days off for extended weekend travel.

Does IPHD help interns and volunteers find housing?

IPHD organizes intern and volunteer living accommodations with local middle-class host families in Jodhpur, the second biggest city in Rajasthan. Living with a host family is a great opportunity to experience traditional Indian hospitality, taste local cuisines, celebrate festivals and learn Hindi.

All host families provide filtered water and two vegetarian meals a day for their interns. Participants may not live in a hotel or other accommodation during their internship, as cultural immersion is essential to project success at IPHD.

How safe is Jodhpur?

The safety of our interns and volunteers is of our utmost concern. Jodhpur is a safe city, but, in case of any event, we have implemented measures to ensure your safety. If you encounter any problems during your stay, the IPHD staff is available to help at any time.

How will I get to and from work?

Travel to and from our Jodhpur office will be done by public transportation in an auto rickshaw or bus. The daily transportation fee is not included in the program fee. For visits to the village, transportation via a private car will be provided both ways.

What information will I receive from IPHD prior to my arrival?

IPHD will send you a Pre-Arrival Kit with the essential information you need to prepare for your program participation. It will contain information on your orientation, training, living accomodations and IPHD contact information.

I would like to complete a project in an area not listed on the website. Is this possible?

Yes, it is very much possible. We are always expanding our fields of work and creating new opportunities. If you have a particular skill set or interest, please contact us at info@iphdindia.com to see what can be arranged.

Can I speak to someone who has completed an internship at IPHD before?

Yes, we would be happy to connect you via email with one of our alumni. Please contact us at info@iphdindia.com. You can also email anyone from our Alumni Advisory Board. Their contact information can be found here.