The Institute for Philanthropy and Humanitarian Development (IPHD) is a grassroots nonprofit in northern India that helps develop rural communities by empowering and educating girls and women. We also offer experiential learning internships for university students and run the international ethical fashion social enterprise Saheli Women. 

Skills Development 

IPHD focuses on women empowerment through providing skills development for the ladies of our adopted village, in order to make them financial independence. The skills development they are providing for the women in the rural area of Bhikamkor is focused on the traditional Indian textile craft, stitching, and making beautiful hand-made embroidery. 

We are also offering skills development for international fashion students and new startups, who want to learn traditional Indian textile skills, and art and crafts with us and immerse themselves in sustainable and ethical fashion. We can offer beautiful cooperation from fashion artists with different backgrounds, where you can learn about Indian art and craft and you can also share your specialization with our ladies of the Saheli Studio.


Visit the website for our ethical fashion social enterprise:

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