The IPHD professional volunteering program allows professionals to share their skills within one of our three programs: Health, Livelihood, and Girls’ Education. Professional volunteers will work alongside the IPHD staff and our adopted village and impart their experience and skills on our ongoing projects.

Volunteers will not only work in our adopted village, but they will also have the opportunity to live with host families in Jodhpur. Furthermore, volunteers will be provided with 24/7 support from the IPHD staff.

The volunteer program can range from one month to one year; however, discussions and preparation for your program will begin well before your experience in Jodhpur.

Who should apply?

The ideal volunteer is a person who is passionate about community development, creative and highly skilled. Volunteers must also practice cultural sensitivity and bring an open mind and a positive attitude.

Applications to volunteer are accepted on a rolling, year-round basis. Volunteers must have at least two years of work experience and willing to commit to a position for at least four weeks. IPHD welcomes volunteer applications from people of all genders, races, religions, sexual orientations and socioeconomic backgrounds.

All volunteers are responsible for paying a program fee.