Financial literacy: An individual’s capacity to understand basic economic information and services in order to make informed decisions about his/her financial resources. 

IPHD founded the Microenterprise Project in 2015 to diversify Bhikamkor’s agricultural and male-dominated economy by providing financial literacy education and microloans to women in the village.

Women who participate in the Microeenterprise Project study the Bhikamkor Entrepreneurial Development (BED) program, a curriculum developed by IPHD interns that teaches comprehensive business and financial literacy training for one to two months. Upon completing the BED,  graduates receive a microloan from IPHD without any interest rate to start their businesses.

Two women graduated from the pilot project in 2015, and seven women graduated in 2016. With continued support, IPHD has assisted graduates in founding or expanding nine female-run businesses in areas including dairy production, broom making, the sale of women’s accessories and grocery stores. These businesses contribute to the empowerment of Bhikamkor women and help them achieve financial independence.