The purpose of IPHD is to deliver community development services by providing education programs to local and international communities in order to contribute to the well-being, integration and self-sufficiency of all participants.


IPHD’s vision is for a sustainable and equitable India free from poverty.


  • Community growth – IPHD strives to empower partner village members so that they have the tools to better their communities.
  • Education – IPHD maintains strong education programs for both the community and our interns.
  • Culture competency – IPHD delivers services with respect, thoughtfulness and cultural awareness by working with the community to design projects that are in line with its values.
  • Creativity – IPHD values creativity from student interns in their project formations and hopes to inspire creativity from within the community.
  • Sustainability – IPHD is mindful of sustainability – both environmental and economic – when designing and implementing projects in the community.
  • Accountability – IPHD demands accountability when implementing projects and consistently evaluates projects to ensure ongoing and growing impacts.