Mission Statement

The purpose of IPHD is to enable women empowerment through skill development and girls’ education which has proven to be a sustainable model to generate financial independence. IPHD is aiming to create rural development through women empowerment while promoting sustainable practices and to ultimately alleviate poverty.


IPHD’s vision is for a sustainable and equitable India free from poverty.


  • Community growth – IPHD strives to empower the women by providing skills development and sponsoring education for girls so that they have the tools to better their communities.
  • Education – IPHD provides strong skills development and education programs for both the women and girls of the village and also international fashion students.
  • Culture competency – IPHD delivers services with respect, thoughtfulness and cultural awareness by working with the community. The local culture is the most important to us and we try to promote the Indian Art and Craft in the international world.
  • Creativity – IPHD values creativity and make village women part of the creative process and hopes to inspire creativity from within the community.
  • Sustainability – IPHD is mindful of sustainability – both environmental and economic – when designing and implementing projects in the community.
  • Accountability – IPHD demands accountability when implementing projects and consistently evaluates projects to ensure ongoing and growing impacts.