• Improved health literacy: The IPHD health outreach team helps make Bhikamkor residents aware of pressing health problems in the village and teaches them how to address those issues.
  • Better access to health care: IPHD opened the Saheli Health Clinic, Bhikamkor’s first and only female health center, to provide care for adolescent girls and women in the village
  • Employment: IPHD employs three Bhikamkor women as health outreach workers, along with a female gynecologist from Jodhpur.
  • Nutrition promotion: The health outreach team and Community Kitchen Garden teach residents to prioritize maintaining health diets and eating vegetables.
  • Breaking cultural taboos: The Menstrual Hygiene Project dispels harmful myths about menstruation that keep girls out of school.
  • Providing sanitary pads: IPHD distributed menstrual hygiene kits to approximately 50 adolescent girls and women to help them manage menstruation.