Education Advocates

Education advocates are Bhikamkor women who are responsible for going door to door in the village to teach families about the value of educating their daughters and help willing families navigate the complex process of school enrollment. Advocates also conduct frequent check-ins with families to monitor their daughters’ attendances and address issues that prevent the girls from succeeding at school.


Leela Vaishnav



Rukiya Bano Teli



To help the overburdened staff at the village’s government primary school, IPHD trained and hired two Bhikamkor women to work as full-time teachers. The teachers work at the the all-girls’ school where 55 IPHD-sponsored students are enrolled, and are responsible for teaching Hindi, English, mathematics and science to grades one through four. Our teachers help ensure that the girls who are enrolled by IPHD receive specialized instruction and attention.

Saheli Community Center Librarian

The Saheli Community Center librarian is a Bhikamkor woman who is responsible for maintaining our library collection of more than 150 books in Hindi and English. The librarian also oversees the book checkout system and distributes coloring books and art supplies to children after school.


Sharmili Rathi