• Improved access to education: IPHD education advocates enrolled or re-enrolled more than 60 girls, many of whom had never been to school before, and financially sponsors the educations of more than 70 girls.
  • Decreased student to teacher ratio: IPHD hired two teachers to ensure that the government school was not overburdened by new students
  • Employment: IPHD provides employment to five Bhikamkor women — two as education advocates, two as full-time school teachers and one as the Saheli Community Center librarian
  • Providing education tools: IPHD provides necessary materials such as school and exam fees, uniforms, backpacks, notebooks and stationery for more than 70 girls.
  • Changing values: IPHD education advocates are altering the traditional mindsets of Bhikamkor families by making them understand the value of girls’ education
  • Learning environment: IPHD provides a safe and clean after school environment in the Saheli Community Center library where children can read, color and play.

IPHD Beneficiary School Attendance (1).jpg