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Saheli Women is a fashion social enterprise that partners international designers with Bhikamkor women to create ethically-produced clothing and accessories. Saheli Women was founded by IPHD in 2015 and currently has 11 business partners from a range of countries including England, Germany, Australia and Honduras.

Saheli Women employs 20 Bhikamkor women who are paid a fair wage and trained in sewing and embroidery. The women earn a monthly salary that is well above the poverty line in India and receive health insurance coverage. Additionally, IPHD sponsors all daughters of Saheli Women employees so they can go to school.

The Saheli Women production facility, located in the Saheli Community Center, is also a safe space for the women and their children, complete with a kitchen with electricity, bathroom with plumbing, library and vegetable garden. The center has a zero-tolerance policy against gender, religious and caste discrimination.

For more information, please visit our website at saheliwomen.com. If you are a university student interested in visiting and having Saheli Women produce your clothing, accessories or homeware designs, please learn about our Saheli Women Student Partner program.

If you are a fashion designer interested in partnering with Saheli Women, please email saheliwomen@iphdindia.com.