Without a doubt, gender inequality starts from very early on in a girl’s life, this is especially evident in education. Education is the key to beginning to bridge the gap between genders. IPHD recognizes this and the impact that proper education can have on a woman’s life in the long run. Thus, the Girls’ Education Program’s primary goal is to ensure the enrollment into school of all girls in the village so that women are empowered and gain independence from men.

If efforts to motivate girls to go to school, all girls who enroll through IPHD’s program receive financial assistance which includes uniform and school supplies. After much struggle to obtain the uniforms due to a national strike that took place in all the fabric factories, a total of 38 girls received their uniform this past weekend, just in time for the school festivities that take place during Independence Day.

A recent study that we conducted revealed that 38% of the girls that form part of IPHD’s education program decided to reenroll because of the economic support that IPHD is giving to the students and the public school since they now feel like they are receiving quality education.

This is just the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year. There is a lot more in store for IPHD’s education beneficiaries, so make sure to stay check-in soon!

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