Saheli Women

 Saheli Women - Women’s Empowerment Project

b212-3Saheli Women is a women’s empowerment micro-enterprise that provides skills training and livelihood opportunities to a group of women in the rural village of Bhikamkor, and connects them with the international consumer market. With an assets-focused approach to community development, Saheli Women builds upon existing skills and interests in sewing and uses Rajasthani designs to create modern products that appeal to the international market.

We produce contemporary fashion accessories such as anklets, coin purses, hold all clutches, wallets, computer cases, tote bags, wrapping bags, and pillow cases, as well as blouses, scarves, jackets, pants, and skirts. The products fit into the popular boho trend with tribal and gypsy themes.

In Bhikamkor the social status of women is very low, and they still maintain conservative practices such as full face veils and keeping new wives inside the home. Cultural norms encourage early marriages instead of schooling. Maternal death rates are high, anaemia is highly prevalent, and menstrual health is taboo. Saheli Women is our small way of improving women’s self-esteem and overcoming social stigma. IMG_8072

As well as providing teachers for skills training, IPHD also provides English, financial literacy and health classes. The artisans’ education levels range from nil to middle school, leaving large information gaps that if filled could contribute to the health and prosperity of the women of the village.

With the end of our partnership with Saheli Designs, which was an online store launched by IPHD in September 2015, we are now launching 3 new partnerships with Mountain & Moon, Teller, and Zazi. Click on their names below to learn more about them and their beautiful products:

Mountain and Moon

Designers Ashton & Audrey have a shared affinity for pieces that transcend cultures, styles & eras. Mountain & Moon was created to celebrate their love for jewels, garments, wares & treasures that embody an exotic nature. A label that has a story to tell, their collections of handmade jewelry, garments & homewares are timeless & unique; grazing the lines of ethnic luxe with their distinct signature aesthetic. Designed for their muses, MM represents the journey of the spirited creatures, the travellers, the dreamers, the collectors and the lovers of beautiful things.

Zazi Vintage

ZAZI supplies local women worldwide with micro-credits to gather authentic traditional Vintage. We support local women-empowering NGO‘s and aim to redefine the beauty that is already there. 


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