Program Overview

Program Overview:

All participants on IPHD programs will join our orientation program which will be customized to their particular needs. IPHD has identified the core competencies required for successful local community engagement and project implementation in Rajasthan, India. Our orientation program will help our interns understand and develop these competencies to ensure both the intern and community get the most out of the program. Our induction program of 6 days on arrival is a practical introduction to the Indian/Rajasthan context, local community interactions, field work skills and local culture and its impacts. It will also include some basic Hindi lessons and advice on personal safety and well-being in India.

Home Stay and Accommodation:
Participants on an IPHD program will have the opportunity to live with a Host family. This provides the opportunity for total immersion in the Indian culture and way of life. Host family facilities will be basic yet adequate and comfortable. Three meals a day and filtered water are provided. India is known for its colourful and vibrant celebrations and festivals. Interns will have the chance to participate in the festivities, be it Holi, Diwali or a local Indian wedding with their host family. Host families are carefully selected for their openness, hospitality and security. Should participants wish to stay in hotel accommodation they can discuss this upon application.

India is a diverse and complex country. At IPHD, we aim to offer ongoing enriching experiences by providing insights into various aspects of its culture. We give continuing workshops on different topics according to a participant’s interests and needs.

A key objective of any IPHD participant is to research and implement a practical project in a local community which is of benefit to both the local community and the program participant. Participants work within the local community, conduct a primary needs assessment and design a project or area of research to meet those needs. Follow up and evaluation is a further important aspect of IPHDs work.

IPHD offers personalized guidance to all participants. This assistance includes project plans, access to needed contacts; information links; and cultural coaching.

Hindi Language Classes:
IPHD gives basic Hindi speaking classes. These fun-filled classes are taken by experienced teachers and aim to give participants confidence and simple Hindi speaking skills.