Meet our Community

Meet our Community

Meet Mamisa

IMG_8353After losing her husband at a young age, Mamisa’s life has not been easy, being destined to a life of mourning whilst also having to raise her three children. Now that her children have all grown up and married, Mamisa has regained the respect of her community and is continuing to inspire those around her now that she is running her own business. With the help of a micro loan and training through the Bhikamkor Entrepreneurial Development (BED) project, Mamisa has opened her own shop selling women’s products, something she said she never would have had the courage to do otherwise.

Now, six months into managing her own business, Mamisa’s life has drastically changed. Previously, Mamisa would feel scared going outside of her home and especially the village. This has changed now that she has opened her own business, and Mamisa feels very confident and empowered. Mamisa’s days also used to feel long, and it was difficult for her to pass the time. But now she is always busy and feels excited about her business and has goals to expand it in the future. Thanks to the BED workshops, Mamisa was able to learn numbers and basic maths for the first time, and she is eager to participate in future workshops and continue to improve her business and financial literacy skills.

Meet Mamta


At just twenty years old, Mamta has already had to overcome and endure a lot in her life. Just a year after she was married at eighteen, Mamta’s husband unexpectedly died during a labouring job in Mumbai, leaving her to live under the label of a widow. When Mamta first joined the Saheli Center, she was shy and reserved, but has quickly grown into one of our most confident and dedicated members.

Mamta is a keen and fast learner, and jumped at the opportunity to undertake skills training in Jodhpur. Since then her work has continued to improve and she is helping Saheli to expand and further develop our range. Mamta is a great asset to Saheli, both because of her impressive embroidery and stitching work and her positive attitude and bubbly personality.

Meet Maya


Fifteen year old Maya is one of our most determined and disciplined Saheli members. Maya is a member of one of the lowest castes, in which families tend not to place a high value on the education of their girls. Despite this, Maya is incredibly intelligent, with strong English skills and high-quality embroidery work. As she is still in school, Maya contributes only one piece a month for Saheli so that she can continue to devote herself to her studies.

However Maya’s education is currently hanging in the balance, as her family is making plans for marriage to occur soon. IPHD is continuing to advocate with her family to allow her to complete her education; a key part of which is the sponsoring of her education through our Right Side Shirts partnership.