Why do a program with IPHD?
IPHD emphasises the need for robust, mutual benefits, objectives and outcomes for the local community and you, the community developer. Our programs are set within a rigorous experiential education framework; and we provide invaluable community development opportunities. Our low cost location also allows us to have nominal program fees.

How will I benefit the community through a program with IPHD?
Interns come from a diverse range of academic and professional backgrounds, and use their skills and expertise to contribute to development in many areas. Our model focuses on working with the community to create sustainable, long term change. See the impact our interns are having under the ‘Rural Program’ and ‘Community’ tabs.

How will it benefit me?
India is a growing economy and is progressing rapidly. However it still faces significant challenges in delivering development and opportunities to those most in need. A program with IPHD gives you the chance to be a part of this development and contribute to real change. Through working on the ground with communities, you will learn invaluable research, training and advocacy skills that cannot be learnt in the classroom.

What are the program fees?
Click here for our latest program fees and to see what is included.

When can I apply?
Our programs are run on a rolling, year round basis, so applications are accepted at any time.

What is the application process?
Click here to apply for a program with IPHD. After reviewing your application, we will conduct an interview over Skype to assess your suitability for a placement with us.

Do I need to speak Hindi?
Although speaking Hindi is a great advantage, it is not required and you will be given basic Hindi language classes during your program. In the city, many people speak English so you should not have difficulties communicating. For field work, you will be provided with a translator as required to complete your work.

How long will my program last?
We offer programs from one month to one year.

What will my typical working hours be?
Normally, the working hours in India are 10am to 5.30pm from Monday to Friday. You will also complete weekend workshops, language classes and excursions.

What accommodation options are available?
IPHD organises accommodation with local host families. This is a great opportunity to experience traditional Indian hospitality and culture, celebrate festivals and learn some Hindi. Hotel accommodation may be arranged if necessary, although we strongly encourage participants to take advantage of the opportunity to experience living with a home stay.

How will I get to and from work?
Travel to and from work will be done by public transport. You will be given an allowance for this, and shown how to navigate the city’s public transport system.

What emergency support is available?
The IPHD team will be available 24/7. Whether or not it is an emergency, you can contact an IPHD member at any time of day or night for assistance.

What information will I receive from IPHD prior to my arrival?
IPHD will send you a Pre-Arrival Kit with the essential information you need to prepare for your program participation. It will contain information on your orientation and training, host family and IPHD contact information.

I would like to complete an internship or project in an area not listed on the website, is this possible?
Yes, it is very much possible. We are always expanding our fields of work and creating new opportunities. If you have a particular skill set or interest, please contact us to see what can be arranged.

If you have any other questions, please email us at info@ihdindia.com


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